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Apply For Dubai Work Permit Application & Labor Contract In The UAE

As established by the immigration laws, foreign workers or outsiders must own a residence visa & a work permit to work in Dubai. Familyvisa247 provides work permit application services for expatriates in a time-efficient manner. We are a registered & established company that can sponsor work permits for foreign nationals intending to work in Dubai. We also provide labor contracts for Dubai and any other related services.

At Familyvisa247, we process work permits and labor contracts for Dubai in a few weeks, depending on the employee’s nationality. We arrange compulsory tests and documentation of the employees for the proper transition of the procedures. Our proficient & skilled team then submits a work permit application to the Department of Labour for quota approval and gets it done proficiently without causing any trouble to you. If you are looking for a good option for Tenancy Contract Ejari? The Familyvisa247 is at your assistance.

We are trusted and well-experienced experts who provide various best-suited options for all our employees. Our efficient & experienced team ensures the smooth completion of all your work permit needs. Being one of the topmost best companies in the Municipality Services Sector in Dubai, we are focused on providing reliable customer support. We assure swift processes for labor contracts for Dubai requirements while keeping you aware of the forms & the guidelines. We offer you a platform to handle all governmental operations quickly & effectively. Our work permit application issuance enables you to focus on your job while doing the tiring chores for you.

Where to apply for entry permits services in the UAE?

You can apply for entry permits or visas through the Federal Authorities for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website, the channel for residency & citizenship. Or, you can apply directly to the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) of the individual emirate. While we only offer online channels, GDRFA offers online and offline channels.

What do you mean by a work visa in Dubai?

A work visa in Dubai is a permit that allows foreign nationals to work in a country for a particular period. If you want to work in the UAE or otherwise want to do business here, you can apply for a sixty-day work visa to arrive in the UAE & commence work immediately. During this duration, you must apply for an employment and residency visa through your UAE employer, generally issued for a further two years. Depending on the nationality, the applicable rules may be different. Suppose that if you are from within a UAE state, there may not be many papers to be processed.

Change your life with work entry permit services UAE:
As one of the world’s most dynamic countries, Dubai has an immense requirement for skilled talent, so make the most of this critical opportunity by applying for a Dubai Work Visa. With our years of experience with Dubai Visa processes, Familyvisa247 is the perfect partner to help you launch your career in the UAE. We provide Entry Permit Services UAE to all our clients at the most affordable prices. If you need our services, please feel free to contact us.

Why work in Dubai?
  • ● Stable economy growing at 2.5% every year on average
  • ● Job opportunities in multiple sectors
  • ● High minimum wage & great savings opportunity
  • ● Exceptional social benefits like free healthcare
  • ● Beautiful cities with vibrant multicultural life

  • Those working in Dubai will enjoy fundamental rights and workplace protection rules, just like other local employees. All of this makes Dubai an attractive destination to make a career.

    Different types of work visas in Dubai

    The type of visa & document for anyone who intends to work in Dubai would be a Resident Visa & a Labor Card. To obtain these permits, you must first undergo a medical examination, & you will soon be issued a residence visa and then a labor card. A labor card is a type of identity card that you must carry at all times as you may be spot-checked by labor officials.