Partner Visa Dubai

Get Your Partner Visa In Dubai With Familyvisa247

When it comes to business-friendly cities, Dubai, UAE is at the top of the list. Entrepreneurs from all around the world are interested in investing in the city’s growing sectors. If you are ready to get your business started in Dubai, there are several steps & strategies that you have to live through to get all the things moving in the correct order. But first, you will have to get your investor or partner visa. What exactly does this mean? Keep reading, & we will walk you through where to start.

What exactly is an Investor Visa or Partner Visa in Dubai?
If you are a foreigner or immigrant who wants to start your own business in Dubai or invest in an existing business, then you need to apply for this visa. You may hear this visa is called an investor visa or a partner visa, but it’s the same thing. The investor visa issued to an ex-pat investor is also referred to as a partner visa because you will require a partnership with a local to do business on the Mainland. Once this visa is issued, you will be able to live & work in the UAE and sponsor family members for three years.

Various Documents Required for Applying for Partner Visa in Dubai:
  • Copy of passport
  • Entry permit form
  • A photograph on a white background
  • Copy of service agent contract & partnership contract if applying for a professional license.
  • List of your partners if you have an LLC.
  • Memorandum of association.
  • Copy of immigration establishment card.
  • Copy of your trade license.
  • Partnership contract between local sponsor & partner.
  • Bank statement showing the last six months.

If you are ready & comfortable to invest in an already flourishing economy, you need to apply for your Partner Visa Dubai today! The UAE has a cooperating & business-friendly government, so they make it easy to set up your company in Dubai & get your partner visa. However, you must meet several steps and requirements to get your passport issued. Don’t make any mistakes. Familyvisa247 is an expert business consultant with many years of experience helping entrepreneurs grow their companies in the UAE. If you have any queries about the investor visa process, Familyvisa247 is here to help you!

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If you want more information about the process, charges, or necessary documents for a Partner Visa in Dubai, you can contact Familyvisa247 centers at +971-50-1816054. Please apply online for the visa by visiting our official website in the UAE. The online application is also suitable for anyone applying outside the UAE.