Mother Sponsor Visa UAE

Easily Apply For Mother Sponsor Visa In The UAE Through Familyvisa247

Most expatriates have parents in their home country who would like to relocate to the UAE. A UAE resident can apply for a visa for their parents to live in the UAE. Most of the parents in their old age would love to be with their children or grandchildren.

Suppose you are a newcomer to Dubai living in the UAE on a Residence Visa. In that case, you can bring your other family members like your mother or father with you through a UAE Family Visa easily. However, not everyone can bring their family members along as specific requirements must be met.

Visa Sponsorship – Sponsoring Your Mother’s Visa in UAE
Other than domestic workers, an employee in UAE can sponsor their immediate families like your mother & father with a minimum salary package of AED 4,000 or AED 3000 in Dubai plus home accommodation. Employees can support dependents with a valid UAE residence visa regardless of their current job functionality or position. We will provide you with the best services of Mother Sponsor Visa UAE to all our clients.

What essential documents are needed?
The application can be efficiently completed online or through a registered typing office. The crucial documents needed include:
  • Application form and three photos of parent/s.
  • Original passport of parent/s and sponsor.
  • Original entry permit.
  • Health card of the parent/s.
  • Refundable deposit receipt.
  • Original job contract documents or salary certificate of the sponsor.

Sponsoring Parents in UAE
To sponsor your parents, you must earn at least a minimum salary of AED 20,000 or a monthly pay scale of AED 19,000 with a two-bedroom home accommodation in Dubai. Parents should also have a medical insurance policy with minimum coverage stipulated for each. The visa issued is valid only for one year, and you must apply for a renewal after that period. The sponsorship of parents is for both the parents & cannot bring only one parent under the aegis.

The deposit amount must be paid as a guarantee to each parent, as stipulated by the respective immigration department. This can vary between emirates. Both parents must be sponsored together, & a worker must prove they are the sole financial provider for both parents. If your parents have passed away or are divorced, then related official documents must be provided.

An ex-pat employee can sponsor both of their parents for a year’s stay by paying a deposit to guarantee each parent as stipulated by the respective immigration department. Any ex-pat employee cannot sponsor only one of their parents. The person needs to invest in both parents. That individual also needs to prove that they are their sole support & that there is no one else to take care of them back home.

Suppose if one of your parents has passed away or is divorced for any reason, you have to show all the related official documents as justification to sponsor only one of the parents. To support both parents, the employed expatriate resident must earn the minimum salary stipulated and obtain a medical insurance policy with the minimum coverage specified for each, renewed each year. According to the Familyvisa247 website, DNRD in Dubai defines a minimum salary of AED 20,000 to sponsor parents’ visas.

How long is the visa valid for?
Visas that are always issued for one, two, or three years & are renewed under the same conditions as new visas. The dependents have 30 days from the expiry date to obtain a new residence permit or risk an acceptable & illegal status. A resident sponsor has almost 60 days to apply for their dependents’ residence visa after entering the UAE. Single mothers can also sponsor their children, but they must earn a minimum salary of Dh10,000 & should provide the required essential documents stipulated by the emirate where the family will live.